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4 Bucks Weekend Activities That Will Make You the Best ‘Best Man’ Ever

February 13, 2014

Cairns Queensland is Australia’s capital of wild, riotous, amazing Bucks parties. What better way to celebrate the final days of bachelor-style freedom and frenzy for the groom-to-be? For the best man, though, choosing the itinerary can be stressful. You don’t want to let your mates down by making the obvious choices. Make some creative picks and include something for everyone with a wide range of activities. After all, Cairns has nothing if not a massive variety of awesome attractions and events to pack any weekend chock full with party fun. But where to start? Let’s look at just a few great examples of stellar activities that will make you the best ‘best man’ in the history of Cairns Bucks weekends.

Dive Into the Weekend to Explore the Great Barrier Reef

Whether your mates are experienced divers or are new to the sport, there are plenty of agencies and tours that welcome people of all skill levels to explore the beautiful Great Barrier Reef and the thrill of open-water diving or snorkelling. There’s tons of beautiful, exotic marine life plus majestic underwater tunnels and stunning caves just off the coast of Cairns. Of course, diving is best done when well-awake, energetic and completely sober, so better book this one on your first day in Queensland!

Go Karts Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore

Go Karts aren’t just toys for boys, they’re a bundle of fun for full-grown drivers too! There’s no better way to warm up for some crazy fun than a hilarious neck-and-neck race with your mates on a mini go-kart circuit, where learning the quirky controls and taking in the peppy growl of the 2-stroke motors is all part of the fun. Facilities like Cairns Kart Hire Track in North Queensland accommodate private parties, and also include clubhouses for spectators. Cairns Kart Hire Track also features extra nearby amenities like golf driving ranges or mini-golf and BBQ patios, which makes it perfect for a full afternoon’s worth of entertainment.

Keep It Classy When the Drinking Starts with an Exclusive Boat Cruise

A range of agencies offer everything from classic motorboats to river cruisers and state-of-the-art yachts for your party enjoyment. A boat cruise is the perfect way to kick off the evening, with an on-board BBQ and appetizers and a huge range of drinks served by expert bartenders. Anywhere from ten to 50 people can fit on the party boats in Queensland, which conveniently dock right outside a range of pubs so the crawl can start as soon as the cruise stops!

Whiskey or Wine Tasting Keeps the Drinks Coming

Keep the party juice flowing with wine or whiskey tasting parties. Many grills and pubs that support private functions will also have expert bartenders for hire that can take your guests through a range of the finest drinks in Queensland, with tips for appreciating their subtle aromas. This is a great way to bring some variety to the bar while the beers keep coming.

The entertainment options in Cairns are close to endless, so challenge yourself to find the wildest activities that your boys will enjoy. The suggestions here are just the tip of the iceberg. Cairns is also home to a variety of other loud, wild, adrenaline-powered activities including ample opportunity for nightclubbing, white water rafting, and skydiving. With Cairns as your party central, you’ll have no difficulty living up to your Bucks party’s expectations – and you might even earn the distinguished title of “Best Best Man Who Ever Lived.”

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