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4 Ways To Travel For A Good Cause

February 21, 2013

Travel is something which captures the imagination and broadens your cultural horizons in a truly unique way. Some people see travelling as an extravagant action which is hard to justify, however there are many ways in which you can see the world while making a truly positive difference. Here are 4 of the top ways to travel for a good cause.


In the last decade, the popularity of combining volunteering and tourism has been on the rise. Voluntourism involves the practice of travelling while helping out communities and people in need. It can be repairing buildings damaged by weather, coaching the local sports team, tutoring those who need educational assistance, or even mentoring troubled teens.

The possibilities are endless, and there are a range of travel providers who are dedicated to matching your skills and travel ambitions with a range of worthwhile endeavours. Check out Global Volunteers, Cross-Cultural Solutions, Global Citizens and Habitat for Humanity.

Holidays for a Good Cause

Another option for guilt-free travel comes from the clever people behind LesuireCom Travel Group. Holidays for a Good Cause is a website that offers great discount deals on accommodation, while donating part of the proceeds to selected charities. This means you can be sitting on the beach sipping a mojito, or going on an action-packed adventure tour with Lost In Australia, and still be reassured by the knowledge that your holiday has helped those in need.

Some of the charities that Holidays for a Good Cause support are the Starlight Children’s Foundation, Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors, the Red Cross, Guide Dogs Queensland, Surfaid International and the Fred Hollows Foundation. The website expects to raise thousands of dollars every day in donations.

Charity Challenges

Charity Challenges work on the premise that participants must raise a certain amount for charity before they can take part in the trip. This is a very popular option with schools, colleges, universities and other youth groups as it introduces charity work to young people in a fun and challenging way. Potential travellers can use any means they like to raise the funds, with many organising BBQ’s and other events as well as signing up business sponsors. Not only does this benefit the charity, it also raises awareness in the local community.

Long Term Commitment

If your primary focus is to volunteer, then committing to a project is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding ways to travel. You can assist various Aid organisations with the distribution of food and essential supplies, help build community resources, teach at a local school, provide medical support and so much more. There are also many different opportunities to work with wildlife and conservation groups.

Depending on your skillset and interests, there are plenty of ways in which you can make a huge impact on disadvantaged communities. If this interests you check out organisations such as ‘i-to-i’, who co-ordinate a range of volunteering travel opportunities with varying levels of commitment.

These are just a few ways in which you can travel for a good cause. With so many options available to you, the only difficulty will be deciding which one to choose! Clear your conscience, and let your holiday be one that makes a positive difference to the global community.

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