5 Beauty Recipes Using Chocolate

November 18, 2011

Beauty recipes that make use of all the essential benefits of chocolate are many but very few people know about them. You may go for a chocolate facial or chocolate wax hair removal once in a while. However, it is actually difficult to find women who regularly try out homemade beauty recipes of chocolate for their daily skin care needs. May be because cocoa is an expensive or you would rather eat it than apply it on your face, chocolate containing beauty recipes have not caught on.

Here are some of the best recipes that illustrate the amazing effects of chocolate on skin.

Beauty Recipes Using Chocolate:

1. Chocolate Coconut Scrub:

Before any beauty treatment comes the natural exfoliation of the skin to remove dead cells. Heat brown sugar in coconut oil.
Add cocoa powder to this mixture while it is still warm. For the coarse texture of a scrub, mix oatmeal powder into it. Scrub your face gently (always in circular motion) to cleanse it.
2. Chocolate With Green Tea Face Pack:

One of the main benefits of chocolate is that it has a wealth of anti oxidants in it. We all know that anti oxidants have great anti aging properties.
So when you combine cocoa with green tea which is another great store house of anti oxidants, what you get is a smashing anti aging face pack.
Mix some dark cocoa powder and beat together with honey and milk cream. Apply the face pack for ten minutes and rinse with warm water. Once in a fortnight and you will be 20 forever.
3. Cocoa Butter Facial:

If baby soft skin is what you want then go for a facial with butter and chocolate.
This beauty recipe combines cocoa butter, honey, cottage cheese, almond oil and dark cocoa powder.
You need to beat all the ingredients into a thick paste and then massage it into your skin; leave it to get absorbed and enjoy soft glowing skin.
4. Chocolate Bath Gel:

Chocolate on the skin is safe to use because of its anti inflammatory properties. Any chocolate (even wax) will soothe your skin so imagine how soothing a chocolate bath would be?
Boil plain gelatin with a gentle shampoo until the gelatin dissolves completely.
Add cocoa powder or cocoa oil to it and then refrigerate for at least 4 hours before dipping into the bath.
5. Chocolate and Curd Face Pack:

If you need relief from acne or clogged pores then that too can be achieved using the benefits of chocolate.
Beat unsweetened cocoa powder with curd; flatten the mixture with honey and add oatmeal powder (besan or gram flour is an alternative) for density.
Apply it on your face and leave for ten minutes. Regular use (once a week) will rid you of an attack of zits and break outs as it will open up your skin pores.
Trying chocolate beauty recipes is a great way to implement natural beauty tips for flawless skin.

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