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5 funniest pranks you can play on your friend’s birthday

May 2, 2013


If you love your friend but are sick of hearing them whine about their upcoming birthday then it’s probably time you teach them a lesson in humility. The best way to do this is with a classic birthday prank. To take the difficulty out of choosing what prank to pull on the unsuspecting victim, we have complied a short but powerful list of pranks that have always left the pranker laughing, and the prankee laughing too… eventually.

Prank call

Wake your friend up on their big birthday with a surprise call. Maybe if you or another friend are gifted impressionists, you could pretend to be a local radio host announcing that your victim has just won a big radio competition. Alternatively you could call and ask your friend where they would like the delivery of ‘sausage dogs’ to be left, when they question you, you can continue on to say that you are a delivery person with a big box of puppy sausage dogs that need to be left next to a door or on a porch someone. Just wait to hear the confusion in their voice as they explain that they didn’t order any sausage dogs before finally letting them in on the joke with a big reveal – GOTCHA! What a stitch up!

Mess with their car

Have a friend who is obsessed with their vehicle? If so, you know where to direct your prank. You could make a parody of the famous ‘My Family’ stickers and place them on the back window of your friend’s hot ride. Bumper stickers are also a solid option, have some printed with a custom message – maybe “I tell everyone I’m 28 but today is my 30th birthday. Happy Birthday to me”.

Wind forward their clocks

As long as your friend doesn’t need too much sleep you can always wind them up on their special day by mucking around with their alarm clocks. The night before set the clocks forward by an hour or two and if you live with them, listen as they wake up for work or school only to return home 30 or 40 minutes later confused and annoyed. Just make sure that you don’t reveal it was you who made the change for a few days, otherwise you might find yourself in hot water.

Give them a scare

Sometimes there is nothing funnier than a very quick, very immediate scare. Hide behind a door, wait for the target to walk past you and then just give them one huge, loud “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. Keeping them on their toes will probably add an extra couple of years to their life.

Big surprise gift

A big box wrapped up in beautiful wrapping paper. What’s the surprise inside? There is no gift, just an empty box! Just as long as you have something little to give them after the initial shock your Birthday buddy should find this one quite amusing.

Pranking is a fun way to make a memorable day even more memorable, using some of the above methods or some of your own make sure your friends next birthday is one they’ll never forget!

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  • melody
    December 6, 2017 at 12:25 am

    i did them all they were fun to play on someone birthday

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