5 Organic Face Exfoliators

November 18, 2011

Get a fresh new skin this season that is absolutely fresh, baby soft and acne free. Achieve the new look by chucking the dead skin through natural face exfoliators. These home exfoliator recipes are carefully picked and mixed for a powerful skin care that is 100% side effect free. Take a look.

We say 100% because they are all edible ingredients and do not cause any serious internal or external health problems. But for those who have sensitive skin, our suggestion is to use a few drops of virgin olive oil or any cleanser to soothe the dry skin and then continue with exfoliation. Those with extremely flaky skin can avoid this skin treatment for a while.

Top 5 Homemade Face Exfoliator Recipes

1. Tomatoes – Coarsely grind the tomato seeds with pulp (you can add sugar too) and massage skin in circular motion. There is another procedure too – Just make halves of a tomato, sprinkle powdered sugar and gently scrub the face and body as if you are using a loofah. The mild acid content will cleanse the face while the seeds will remove dead skin.

2. Papaya Seeds – The best face exfoliator for sensitive skin. With a spoon scoop the seeds of the fruit, squeeze them and apply like a face pack, leave it to dry on skin. Now, gently scrub with wet fingers. The seeds will neatly eject the dead flakes and make way for the new skin.

3. Almonds & Sapota (Chiku) – Almonds are great nuts for total skin care. They are good ingredients if you are planning to use them for a pack or face mask or as an exfoliator. The fibrous fruit like chiku can be used to ease scrubing of the powdered almonds. Using honey to the mixture will help in skin tightening too.

4. Oatmeal & Cream – Powdered oatmeal or cornmeal can work best on combination skin as it can manage the dry oats and soothing chilled cream combination. Oats can remove even the tightly glued dead skin and open pores to breathe and quick repair. The milk acids can bleach and soften the skin cells.

5. Gram Flour – Adding a pinch of turmeric and asafoetida to gram flour will not only remove the old skin but also clear all the scars and marks. The gram flour can also bleach skin, remove tan and prevents the skin from getting damaged due to pollution.

Most commonly used lemon and sugar or lemon and salt are also good exfoliators but can roughten skin during application. The above suggested are by far the best face exfoliators. Try them out and have a happy winter skin care.

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