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Eat and Drink Your Way Toward Holiday Savings

December 23, 2013

Holiday is not always about saving the most money possible.  In fact, splurging on vacation fun is part of the experience, standing as a reward for work well done.  The ability to let go for a week or so, enjoying the finer things in life, is a rite of passage for successful families on holiday.  Still, reality sets back in after every trip, challenging families to catch back up with their finances, stabilizing their family balance sheets after holiday spending.  Payday Loans can help you get back on track after holiday spending. In order to avoid buyers regret, and walk away from your holiday experience with a positive fiscal sensation, plan ahead for the most reasonable vacation experience possible.

Managing family finances on the home front involves budgeting and planning, accounting for the ongoing needs of each member of your family.  Monthly entries are made to family financial ledgers ranging from lodging to entertainment, and everything in-between.  The key to successful vacation planning is to adopt the same approach toward holiday budgeting as the one that is proven to work at home.

To start, break your trip into segments, so that each days’ needs are viewed independently.  Providing for every day of your trip on its own ensures that nothing will be forgotten along the way.  Consider your family’s needs for each 24 hour period, including lodging and sustenance.  Each day carries a minimum of three meal requirements, perhaps more if the flow of the day warrants additional dining.  There is nothing available to ruin a trip faster than a hungry, aggressive child, so planning for meals is integral to an enjoyable outing for every family member.

Pack a Meal to Stay Prepared
Holiday outings vary in scope and in the activities undertaken by leisure travelers.  One way to trim costs and ensure everyone’s needs are met is to bring food along, rather than relying on what is available at your destination.  Depending on where you are headed, food might not be offered at all, so it is equally important to fuel up the entire family with a nourishing meal before embarking on recreational excursions.

Car trips are great for feeding the family with food you bring along, because the time spent motoring is a captive opportunity to multi-task, covering family feeding needs at the same time travel occurs.  Coolers and sacks are also easily accommodated by cars, which allow greater variety in the types of food appropriate for car travel.

Airports sell food, so starving is not likely, but the quality of airport concessions dining is not up to the standard appreciated elsewhere, and the high cost of doing business at airports creates meals that are not particularly inexpensive.  Bringing food from home ups the quality level, and provides healthier dining options for travelers.

Snacks and energy bars are great travel aids, providing a bit of nourishment at a moments notice.  Sandwiches, fruit and other tasty travel treats are allowed through most security checkpoints, but beverages may not make the cut.  While juice and other drinks are enjoyed by the family before going through airport screening, they must be surrendered at checkpoints.  It is important to remain hydrated during travel, so it may be required to bite the bullet, paying high retail prices for bottled water sold beyond airport checkpoints.

Stock the Hotel With Tasty Bites
At home, you are accustomed to an evening snack or treat to take the edge off before bed time and furnish a distraction as you wind-down from your day.  While hotels provide snacks and room service options, they are not the most economical sources of food.
To stay ahead of food costs on holiday, stow some of your favorite snacks at the hotel, so you’re prepared in times of need.

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