Five Popular Styles For Women’s Eyeglasses

February 27, 2014

Wearing eyeglasses may seem like an unstylish inconvenience for some women. However, today’s market is full of colorful frames, a variety of styles, and chic designs for women’s eyeglasses. These modern eyeglasses can make any woman feel confident and fashionable while seeing the world in clarity.


Frame Styles

Choosing a pair of frames for a new correction can be a fun but challenging task. With walls of frames to choose from, women may find themselves seeking out the least expensive option without understanding the nature of each frame. Therefore, women can keep in mind the following top five styles when shopping for their next pair of frames.

  • Cat eye
  • Translucent frames
  • Rectangular
  • Oval
  • Tortoise Shell 

Many of these styles can be found at any eye care center. Women who have a current prescription can also shop online for their favorite frames.


The Cat Eye

A popular style of the 1950’s, wearing cat eye frames is trending once again in the world of women’s eyewear. Featuring the classic wingtips, thick frames, and bold colors, these chic frames are as stylish and fun today as they were during their popular reign almost 60 years ago. Today’s cat eye styles may have thicker frames than their predecessors, but with advanced technology the thickness of the lenses has decreased.


Sheer Transparency

Women wanting a lighter and cleaner piece of eyewear can celebrate in the popularity of translucent frames. Made with a transparent plastic, these frames are less noticeable. Women with smaller eyes and noses may enjoy the balance these frames bring to their facial features. Some of these glasses come with translucent frames on only the bottom, instead of the whole piece. This brings bold color and fun patterns to the top of the frame while not overpowering a woman’s graceful features.


Classic Rectangular Shape

Another always-popular style of women’s eyewear is the classic rectangular shape. This frame is a beautiful choice for women with round faces. Soft cheeks and chins are great facial features to pair with rectangular glasses. The boxy shape of the frames makes for a unique juxtaposition to heart shaped or oval faces. Like many eyeglasses, rectangular frames come in a variety of sizes and colors. Women wearing eyeglasses for daily uses may find a neutral colored frame to be a nice complement to their wardrobe. On the other hand, women wearing eyepieces for reading or computer work may enjoy brightly colored frames in the studious looking rectangular shape.


Oval Shaped

Another classic shape for eyeglass frames is the oval. This shape looks wonderful on women with more angular features. Women with wider foreheads, cheeks and chins also find that an oval shaped frame can help balance out their features.  Oval shaped frames can soften a women’s face and bring a sense of sophistication and style to her look.


The Tortoise Shell

The tortoise shell style for eyeglasses was first introduced in the 1980’s. Like many fashion trends, it has now made a comeback and is a popular choice for many women. With the marble like patterns in a variety of colors, these frames can be a fun addition to any women’s eyewear collection. While some designers are remaining true to the original brown color, many modern tortoise shell glasses come in blues, greens, and other vibrant colors.

Women’s eyeglasses may have seen some transformations throughout the years. However, the most important part is that women wearing glasses feel confident, stylish and happy with their eyewear.

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