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Get Ready With Us at CitizenM Hotel!

August 30, 2015

Hello loves! If you’re following me on Instagram and other social media accounts, you probably know that my best friend Jackie of and I had an amazing girl’s night out couple of weeks ago. We stayed at the coziest hotel I’ve ever been to and we watched the super fun musical broadway show, Mamma Mia! We thought sharing you how we got ready, our experience at citizenM and all that good stuff would be awesome, so I hope you enjoy this blog post.


Located just off the corner of Broadway and 50th street, citizenM Times Square is right in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Upon entering the hotel, you would see their beautiful lobby! Instead of a typical rectangular desk, they have a round desk that has six to seven desktop computers. They offer a super speedy, simple to use self-check-in and check-out service that gets you checked in within 60 seconds, and checked out within 30. Their decor is beyond modern! I was really amazed of their floor to ceiling book shelves, the beautiful fireplace, chandeliers, leather couches and comfy seating, you’re probably gonna have a hard time choosing where to seat. My favorite thing in their lobby would have to be the huge mirror on the wall. It makes me wonder how heavy it is and where they got that mirror from, I thought it was amazing. CanteenM which is on the right of their lobby is where you can get all the goods! If you’re feeling hungry, some coffee or maybe a drink, they have it all. Oh, you must try their cookies if you stay at citizenM, they’re delicious!


As I go up the elevator, I couldn’t wait to get in our room. I was so looking forward to that XL size bed. Oh before I forget to mention, we stayed at their top floor, 19th! They welcomed us with a plate of delicious cookies, a universal adapter and a really cute sketch of a red lip and lipstick, it says “A red lip a day keeps the doctor away” I thought that was really sweet!

The bed is huge, it could fit four people, not kidding. And they have the cutest throw pillows on the bed that I really wanted to take home. The bed has a higher frame because it has a drawer underneath where you can keep your suitcase or other stuff you wanna put away. And of course two closets with hangers by the entrance for more storage. My favorite part of the room is the shower and their vanity mirror!


Another really futuristic thing that citizenM has is their Moodpad! It’s a Samsung Tablet where you can control pretty much everything inside the room. From the temperature, lights, window shades, tv and music and saving the best for last, the colored lighting in the shower.. It’s super awesome! You can also browse online just like a usual tablet. This thing must not leave the room at all. A fee will be charged to your card if you ever take this home or anything in the room.

jackie-01 jackie-02

Go check out Jackie’s website to see her make up look and outfit!

makeup-used getting-ready-01
getting-ready-03 getting-ready-02



Finally onto the make up.. These were definitely not the only products I brought with me, we kind of overpacked our makeup bags #guiltybeautybloggers! The inspiration of my make up look was this beautiful blue eyeshadow from Inglot called “AMC eyeshadow #159” and also since we were going to watch Mamma Mia, I thought a smokey look with a pop of bright color would be perfect. My foundation, contour, highlight and brows were the usual, so I pretty much just really focused on my eye make up. I went for a light smokey eye look with a pop of blue + a simple winged out eye liner! For my lips, I went for a dusty rose shade which I really loved. It’s from Stila called “Patina”.


For my outfit, it was pretty simple. I went for a contemporary sweater, denim skirt, tights and a beautiful necklace with a pink and blue detailing, oh and of course my boots!


From the hotel, it’s just a short walk to Broadhurst Theatre so that was very convenient. We were also very lucky that it didn’t rain or snow that night so dressing up didn’t go to waste at all.

Mamma Mia was really fun and entertaining show! I know most of the songs of ABBA because of my mom, so I was kind of singing along the whole entire show *HAHA* My most favorite part was the ending where they sang three very popular songs of ABBA and everybody stood up, started dancing and singing along with the performers. It was a blast!


I know this post was very long but I do hope you enjoyed it! You can find more pictures at Jackie’s Facebook page, HERE. This make up and outfit for Mamma Mia is actually a collaboration with Jackie and Fran, don’t forget to check out their websites to see theirs as well!
[Jackie of] [Fran of]

If you’re planning to visit New York City and looking for an awesome and affordable hotel, definitely check out citizenM Hotel. You can find everything about them, HERE. And what is visiting NYC without watching a broadway show? Mamma Mia is definitely a must-watch show!

DISCLOSURE: All photos were taken by Jackie of

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