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Holiday Kisses with Nailtini!

November 17, 2014


Hello beautyholics! I am back on doing nail arts, YAY! I mean, I’m not really good at it but I try my best. And I always go for simple, easy and cute designs. It has been a while since I last painted my nails by myself, so bear with me with this one!

This is also gonna be another new series here on my blog that I’m going to call “Mani-Monday“. I’m not only gonna share you my manicures but also everything that is associated with nails and nail polishes because I really enjoy it and I hope you do too!


Nailtini is definitely one of my favorite brands of nail polish. The quality and the formula of their lacquers are really good. I have said this so many times before that I really love the whole idea of their company, cocktailing or mixing and layering polishes. And the names they come up with? The cutest!
I actually mixed and came up with my own collection for them back in February. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can find it here!

My inspiration for this nail art was my sweater that I got from Forever 21 last winter. The holidays are fast approaching so I thought of sharing cute nail art ideas that you can definitely recreate and rock on the parties you’re going to.


The nail polishes I used are all from Nailtini that you can purchase at their website Three shades you will need are black, red and a shimmer! I used the following nail polishes:
Venom (Black) : From COY MAKEUP Collection, a rich, inky black shot with subtle shimmer.
Kir Royale (Red) : Shimmering hot ruby red nail lacquer with a pearl finish.
Purr-fect Fizz (Shimmer) : From Melissa Foss Collection, a sheer pearlescent shimmer.

Apply your base coat or primer, it will help prevent your nails from staining and it will also make the application of the other colors smoother.
Our base color will be the black, so apply that on your nails. I only did one coat because this nail polish from Nailtini is very pigmented. Use two coats if needed. Wait for it to dry.
Then start creating your lips! I used a dotting tool for this but you can use a brush or whatever works for you. Just simply create two bumps on the top like a letter “M” and a shorter curve line beneath it. Repeat the steps and create however many lips you want all over your nails.
Trace the lips you created with your shimmer polish to add a glossy effect.
Add your top coat and you’re done!

This was easy and super fun to make! It’s simple but yet classy that would definitely add glam on whatever outfit you choose to wear for the holidays. Red and black really go well together!

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