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Home Brewing with The Grape and Granary

December 23, 2013

Brewing your own beer and making wine is much easier with high quality products and instruction from The Grape and Granary. Although there are techniques and quick how to videos from amateur brewers, these methods tend to overlook the finer points of the process. When you use our store as your all inclusive location for brewing supplies and needs, you will receive the basics as well as the finer points. What exactly are the finer points, you ask? Let’s discuss what we know and how we can deliver that knowledge to you.

Quality Home Brewing Equipment

The first step in any home brewing or wine making endeavor is the equipment. You can purchase cheap equipment, but high quality is always best. If you start with the high quality equipment we offer, you are sure to have high quality results with each and every bottle. If you want the kind of results that wineries and micro-breweries bring to the table, then do what they do. Make the first step in your plans to choose the high quality that they chose. We offer only high quality home brewing equipment for all your beer and wine needs.

Wine Making and Beer Brewing Knowledge

There is more to wine making and beer brewing than purchasing a kit. You need to know the science behind it. You need to understand how each step of the beer brewing and wine making process build on each other. Knowing these steps, and combining that knowledge with the knowledge of how each ingredient effects your wine or beer, can mean the difference between a good brew and a great brew. We have that knowledge. Our knowledgeable staff can help you discover the basics of the process and help you build on those principles to discover your own special blends of wine and beer.

Kegging Beer and Popular Techniques

Every beer lover loves to tap a keg. How would you like to learn the art of kegging your own beer? Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to show you the fine art of kegging your beer. If you aren’t interested in kegging your own beer, then we have some other tips and tricks up our sleeves. We can show you all the latest and popular brewing techniques available. We will show you how to blend your own flavors and how to bring a special touch to each bottle of beer or wine you brew.

You may be asking why you should brew your own beer or make your own wine. The truth is there are a lot of preservatives and additives that many people do not want in their beer or wine. One of the key components of brewing your own is knowing what is in it. You know how organic the ingredients are, the brewing time, and what was added to each and every batch because you are the one who put it there. Enjoy what home brewing can be with the tools offered at The Grape and Granary.

Article written by Johanna Parr.

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