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How to keep your skin healthy and fresh

April 9, 2014

This is one question that almost every woman on earth wants an answer for. There isn’t just one single formula to keeping skin healthy and fresh; to have a fresh and healthy skin, you need to do a combination of chores. Here is a guide that has a few very important things that you must do in order to ensure that you get a healthy looking fresh skin by the end.

Eat Fruits

Fruits are a blessing because they are full of essential nutrients which your body requires. Make sure you consume at least 5 servings of fruit everyday at varying times to get your daily kick of essential nutrients. The nutrients you are targeting for a fresh and healthy skin are Iron, Potassium, and Vitamin C. So it’s safe to say that Apples, Oranges and Bananas are your primary targets. It is a known fact that fruits act as the best anti-aging elements in your diet.

Consume Dairy

Some adults are lactose intolerant, so they may skip this step. For those who are not, dairy is a must-have in your diet. You may choose between milk and yogurt (ignore the rest of the dairy options because they are high in fat content and detrimental to the skin). The only difference between milk and yogurt is that yogurt is better digested by adults, so there is no risk associated with it. With milk you may upset your stomach, so try both the options and then select the one which suits you.

For milk, consume at least 750 ml every day. If you choose yogurt, consume at least 400 grams of yogurt every day. These dairy products have niacin (Vitamin B6) in them which improves skin health by revitalizing skin cells that makes them very desirable for skin health.

Do yoga

Yoga is essential for fresh and healthy looking skin because it helps in reducing the accumulation of “bad blood” in your body. Optimal blood circulation is essential for healthy skin, and yoga works towards exactly that. Do yoga at least 4 times a week in the morning time. Take a manual to learn the basic stretch moves, and start with the most basic yoga exercises. You will notice a difference in your skin within days.

Perform an Almond oil massage

Almond oil has therapeutic abilities and is great for skin massage. The protein content in Almond oil is desirable, and it helps eliminating dead cells from the skin and makes it appear fresh and healthy. Just take a few drops of Almond oil on your palms and massage your body in slow but constant motions.

Avoid fried foods

The greatest evil which can destroy your skin is all sorts of fried food. Avoid fried foods at all cost, because they provide bad fats to your body which in turn accumulate under your skin, making it look dull and dry.


The Park Club a gym in Chiswick, West London recommends jogging to improve the quality of your skin. Jogging improves heart health and blood pressure, and as skin health is closely tied to blood circulation, it is essential that you jog. Not only that, jogging makes you sweat, and sweating takes out all the toxins which are hidden under your skin. It also makes the skin appear taut, due to decrease in levels of accumulated fat under your skin, making it look very fresh.

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