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Jewelry for Men: Gift Ideas and Expert Buying Tips

April 15, 2014

Dads, granddads and the other special fellas in your life can be a challenge when it comes to buying the perfect gift.

There are many special time-honored gifts for men, such as ties, gold clubs, tools or wallets. But, if you really want to impress him, visit Shane Co. and elevate his style. Select an awesome ring, bracelet or timepiece that is well chosen, thoughtful and complements his fashion sensibility.

With a little investigative research and expert buying tips, you can score an awesome piece of jewelry for the man on your list.

5 General Rules for Buying Jewelry for Men

  1. Start by observing his likes and dislikes. Identify the brands of jewelry that he prefers.
  2. Make sure you know his sizes before shopping. Ask to borrow a favorite ring or bracelet for the day, to determine the proper sizing of his everyday jewelry pieces.
  3. Do your homework. Although you think he has everything he needs, just ask his companion or his best friends, to see what pieces he wants to add to his current wardrobe.
  4. If you don’t know his preferences or size, purchase a gift certificate at your favorite jewelry store. If your guy loves jewelry, give him a sizeable gift card or certificate to help expand his current jewelry wardrobe.
  5. When you are buying the perfect piece of jewelry, don’t forget that the man in your life will need a place to store these treasures. In addition to the gift of jewelry, considering buying a velvet-lined jewelry box or watch case to keep the item safe through the years.

Jewelry Ideas for Men

  • Off the cuff – Give him a one-of-a-kind pair of cufflinks to wear with his French-cuff business shirts.
  • A gold clip – For the man who has everything, a gold money clip engraved with his initials is a timeless gift.
  • Formal attire – To commemorate a special black-tie event, such as a wedding or a business gala, present him with a set of gold or platinum studs for his dress shirt.
  • A watch or timepiece – He will never forget this year round gift when he reaches for his engraved pocket watch or his elegant stainless steel timepiece to determine the time of day.
  • Silver or platinum jewelry – A gift of jewelry doesn’t have to be decorated with gemstones or be cast in 14k gold. Give a silver bracelet or platinum ring to show the man in your life how much he means to you.

How to Buy Sturdy Men’s Jewelry that Will Last

Men tend to be harder on jewelry that women. Here are three important tips on selecting jewelry that will last.

  1. Choose bracelets and rings that have a substantial amount of metal. Mountings that are too thin can bend and break over time. And the metal can eventually wear away.
  2. Avoid thin and hollow jewelry, especially bracelets and rings. When the metal wears away, the piece is more susceptible to holes and dents.
  3. Select low settings. Protect any gems by purchasing flush and bezel settings. These low settings offer the most protection for the gemstones.

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