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Tips for a family holiday to Tahiti

December 29, 2013

Tahiti is a lovely, peaceful holiday destination, however this paradise-like island can be a bit of a snooze for kids, depending on their age. Here are a few tips for making your family vacation to Tahiti a smooth and memorable one.

Choose Accommodation Wisely

There is nothing worse than spending your precious vacation time cramped or worried about the kids unexpectedly falling into water, for example. It is best to choose a resort that offers spacious family rooms with some self-catering facilities (for those unexpected snack cravings) and has a kids club – just in case you need an adult breather and would like to have some rest away from taking care of the little ones. If travelling with older children, a couple of interconnecting rooms might be a good idea instead. Most resorts also offer babysitting services for an extra charge. The kids’ clubs are great for tailored activities for various age groups and allow your kids to make new friends and engage with the locals. If budget is a concern, it might be more affordable to rent a property and hire a babysitter if you need one. Then again, some resorts offer affordable packages, where younger children eat for free, so it’s best to consider the needs of your family carefully.

Family Activities

It’s best to bring favourite toys and beach gear with you, such as snorkels, floats and plenty of sunscreen, both for convenience and to minimise costs. Snorkelling and water sports in general are great family activities to pursue on Tahiti’s pristine beaches and tropical waters. If your budget allows, go on an island-hopping cruise or just rent a boat plus skipper for a day to explore the island and lagoon further. It’s also a fantastic idea to visit some of Tahiti’s natural attractions, such as the beautiful Fautaua Waterfall and the Maraa Grotto for example, where your kids can mingle with the local children in the summer. Or you could try out special experiences like swimming with dolphins, a little more costly but one activity the kids will never forget!

Engage with the Local Culture

Tahitians are generally extremely friendly, and very family-oriented. It’s worth finding out about local cultural events and festivals to celebrate with the locals while learning about a different culture. Visitors are quite welcome to join in the games, songs, and dances. For example, in July there is a large arts and crafts festival which draws the local people from all over French Polynesia to Tahiti, with their handcrafted goods to sell to Tahitian residents as well as tourists. The festival offers the perfect opportunity to see how traditional handicrafts are made, as the artisans often also give live demonstrations. In December there is a pineapple festival, and everything involved in this rather fun event has to do with the pineapple – including shows, demonstrations, and fruit tasting along with other traditional dishes that feature this tropical favourite.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to have a fabulous time with your kids on Tahiti – all it takes is a little bit of preparation and an open mind. If you need help to plan travel or accommodation speak to < Escape Travel for more information.

Author: Patricia Bieszk is a travel writer based in Queensland who loves to explore tropical destinations around the world.

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