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Two-Faced Witch (Last Minute Halloween Look)

October 28, 2014

Hello my fellow beautyholics! Don’t you love the name I came up with for this look? Because I do, like so much! I think it’s pretty funny. This is my first ever Halloween look featured here on my blog so please bear with me. The amazing people from Rite Aid sent us a gift card for a Halloween Challenge. It could either be a costume, make up look, nail arts or decorations as long as it’s a Halloween theme.

This wasn’t supposedly a last minute look. I tried creating different ones a week ago, from a Barbie Look to a mermaid but I didn’t like how those turned out so I came up with this. You know how in those Disney movies where the witch is a pretty lady in the beginning and she turn into an old and scary one at the end, that’s the look I was going for. I think it’s pretty easy and you won’t need a lot of things to do this. You can add a witch hat that I didn’t find sadly, they were all gone by the time I looked for it. All the make up I used for this look were from Rite Aid. As always, I will be listing some product suggestions down below.


Things I used: Light Foundation, Powder, Black Gel Liner, Black Eye Liner (Pencil/Liquid), Black, Brown and White Eyeshadows, False Eyelashes, Mascara, Red Lipstick

Product Suggestions: If you’re in a budget, definitely go to the Wet N’ Wild and NYC sections. Both brands have all the stuff I mentioned above for very affordable prices. For the falsies, Rite Aid has a bunch of interesting looking lashes from Ardell that is perfect for this look. Also if you decide to do this look and step it up, find yourself a witch hat and those temporary hair color spray in grey to create an “old lady hair” look.


Now onto how I did this look! Just think of it this way, on the left side create a good black smokey eye look and on the right side, make the opposite. It doesn’t have to be perfect as long as you show the difference. I started with the base of course, I applied a lighter foundation on my entire face and set it with powder. If you have a perfect pale skin then you can skip this.

Left Side (Sexy Witch) I combed up my brows and filled them in with my Black Gel Liner. On this side, I did it as I would normally do my brows but a little thicker, higher arch and with a longer tale. Then I created a black smokey eye look. I used a brown eyeshadow all over the crease area then black eyeshadow all over the eyelid. I also highlighted my brown bone to make my brows look even higher. Once you get your desired blending, create your bold cat eye wing. Tightline your top and bottom waterline with a black eyeliner, apply falsies and then mascara. Contour your face with your bronzer and apply your favorite red lipstick!

Right Side (Old Witch) I started off by brushing my brow upwards so it would look messy and bushy then filled them in the same direction using my Black Gel Liner. I also did a smokey eye on this side but not as blended as the left side, the messier, the better. I also used the Brown and Black Eyeshadows to create a “Baggy Eyes” look and some wrinkly lines for some spooky effect. I also used the black eyeshadow to contour my cheek bones. Lastly, I used the black gel liner to fill in half of my lips.

And that is it! All you need is makeup, a black dress and you’re off to any Halloween Party you’re going to, or maybe the Halloween Parade? I think this is a great last minute look and I really liked how it turned out. Let me know what you beauties think about it in the comments down below. And if you decide to recreate this look don’t forget to tag me and you can also use the hashtag #RiteAidHalloween if you wanna show off your Halloween costumes and make up looks! Xoxo

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