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When Modern Men Want to Wear Fur

April 9, 2014

Choosing a fur coat that will be appropriate for your wardrobe can be a complicated decision. Coats are traditionally an elegant addition to a woman’s wardrobe, but when it comes to purchasing furs for men, things may get a bit trickier. However, furs for men have made their way into the current fashion scene. The shearling coat may be an obvious choice. It is clearly a favorite with many men and women. Today, however, plenty of other fur options are available to men. From new takes on classical favorites to wildly creative styles, today’s furs for men are almost as diverse as the men wearing them.

The Jacket that Attracts Attention

One of the compelling reasons for which men choose to wear fur is to attract attention. Choosing a garment to attract some fashion attention might be the primary reason for some men. Those men and women who enjoy turning heads and the glow of approval from other people will often choose fur. With modern methods and craftsmanship, it is easy to attract attention with fur. Look for bright colors and intricate patterns on modern coats and jackets.

How to Choose a Coat

The final choice of a fur coat should come down to personal preference. However, there are some guidelines that are helpful if you happen to get stumped:

  • Price and Quality: The ultimate price of the coat will depend to some degree upon the type of fur used to create the coat. A lot of information about the quality of the craftsmanship can be determined by inspecting the stitches of the coat. Larger pieces of fur and fewer pieces typically represent higher quality.
  • Length: Consider the main purpose of the coat. If the coat is being chosen mainly for its ability to attract attention, then any length will do. If it is chosen for its warmth, then longer lengths may be most appropriate. Shorter fur jackets could also be chosen for their warmth. The shorter jacket is also a nice choice when paired with jeans and other casualwear.
  • Color: As with other clothing choices, be aware that the color of the fur coat could either enhance your complexion or drain it. In order to decide which color is best, try on several different choices. Maybe a shiny black mink will be the best choice or maybe a lighter colored chinchilla coat will be the look that you are after.
  • Patterns: The variety and detailing on men’s fur coats run the gamut from traditional to innovative and new.
  • Amount of Fur: Some coats have fur trim rather than being completely manufactured from fur. These options might be great when a professional or low-key look is being sought.

What to Wear With Fur

This will depend, naturally, on the type of fur coat that is being worn. With jeans, many styles will be appropriate, especially the coats that have been created from fur such as rabbit, shearling, and fox. Some furs tend to appear very formal. For these coats, choose deeper, darker colors.

The Final Decision

Whether you intend to wear the coat yourself or are purchasing the coat as a gift, every fur should be chosen carefully. Consider the length, the color, patterns, style, and amount of fur before making a final decision. It is a very good idea to try on several different coats before choosing just one. The investment of a fur coat is one that might provide satisfaction for many years, especially when chosen carefully.

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